Tricks to keep your sneakers white as the first day

The white sneakers are a basic that is back in fashion. You can find them in different models and colors. However, it is difficult to keep intact the color of the classic white shoe that we like so much. There are even those who give up this color in their shoes as it is usually associated with dirt.

To remedy the situation, there are a series of simple and easy tricks to get the target to stay.

  1. When to take them

First and as a starting point, we must know when to take them and when not to avoid disappointments, being the city the most recommended environment and the beach or mountain places where it is not too advisable to go with this type of footwear if we do not want it Which initially was white it turns into brown.

  1. Take care of it

It is imperative to give the white shoes the care they require. Whether we like it or not, these do not clean themselves, and although with other colors it is easier to postpone the task – since the dirt is less visible -, it is necessary that we take a few minutes to clean our pair of white slippers before and/or after its use.

  1. Pre-protection

There are those who before wearing their sneakers prefers to apply a waterproofing spray to prolong the resistance of the fabric and the color to the dirt as well as the water and the scratches. This type of products of a single initial application guarantees a better conservation of the footwear, especially in the more delicate materials.

  1. “No” resounding to the washing machine

After putting the foot full in a puddle of mud it seems that there is no possible alternative to put the slippers in the washing machine and let it take care of the rest.

Even in a soft program or for delicate garments, this is the biggest mistake we can make. The washing machine damages the footwear not only with the spinning but also because of the fading of colored elements such as the labels or tabs of the shoes.

  1. ‘Do it yourself’

Although it seems impractical, it is possible to remedy the stains with our own hands, some laborious labor that compensates in the long run.

How to do it? Although in drugstores we can find many products to pamper our shoes, it is much more advisable to use soap and water, a lifelong solution, and rub (carefully) with a shoe brush or nails. For the most difficult areas, a toothbrush can also be of great help.

  1. Every tissue is a world

There are tissues that get dirty less easily than others. Leather, for example, is kept clean for much longer than tarpaulin and other more delicate materials such as ante or nobuk, which require specific products.

If the sole of the shoes is rubber, it is possible to scrub it with a general purpose cleaner, of course, taking great care not to apply the product to the leather upper parts of the shoes.

In the case of sneakers, it is advisable to use hot salt water and avoid the detergent, as it can leave marks and end up giving a yellowish appearance to the rubber soles.

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