Facts About Human Virgin Hair And Buying Guide

Virgin hair, which usually adopts human hair as raw material, has not been chemically treated. It is directly collected from a single donor. All cuticles are intact and face in the same direction, so the hair is smooth and soft to touch.

Wearing virgin hair can bring a lot of benefits, here I introduce some in the following.

Various styling options. Treated hair limits the styling options, research shows that treated hair is difficult to color. And the dyed hair color would easily fade. Hair stylists also reported that it is harder to curl and straighten treated units. Raw hair is 100% natural, you can apply any style without encountering these problems.

No shedding when combing. Women who have ever bought hair extensions reported there will be shedding during combing. That’s because they did not buy real human virgin hair. Peruvian and Brazilian virgin hair are made of human hair with thick strands, so you will not loose hair when combing.

Natural appearance. If you have used synthetic fibers before, you will see they tend to be an annoying look. While untreated virgin hair retain all natural ualities of real human hair, when applying style, the result will always like your natural hair.

Damage free from hair styling products. Because the hair strands are strong, the hair extensions still remain strong after being appied a lot of hair styling products. Like your own hair, virgin hair can accept different hair treatment products without worrying about damage.

Virgin Hair Buying Guide

Virgin hair has a high demand, the first thing you should do when receiving the hair is to smell the hair, chemically processed hair will have a bad smell, you should stay away from this type of hair. Please also take a close at the wefts, because you must seal the weft to ensure it is strong if you want your hair to have little shedding.

The hair color you select will also help you to determine whether it is virgin hair or no. One thing you must remember is real human virgin hair does not use any other colors except natural black.

If you want hair looks great and maintain their natural shine for a long time, then you should go for raw human hair. By genuine hair from trusted sellers. Buying wholesale Brazilian virgin hair from New Star can save a lot of money. Hair from New Star comes in different length, there are genuine human virgin hair every woman are pursuing, because those hairs are 100% collected from human and have not been chemically treated. Like your natural hair, those weaves and extensions from New Star could accept any treatment like dye, color, perm and so on. There are a lot of hair textures options on New Star, which include straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, loose curl, deep curl, kinky curly, etc, you can find the most suitable texture to match your own hair. About price, compared with other hair vendors, New Star offers a great retail and wholesale price for their clients, and there are always discount promotions on website, do not be hesitate to visit and find your favorite bundles with closure.

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